Thursday, August 27, 2009

What Do You Think About English...?

(I write this with my lack of writing in English.. so i would like to say that i use MY English.. ^_^)

Today i was talked with Sue and Richard. Although we talked in a different time, the topic was the same. It's about culture and how we looked each other.
I was open the topic with asking Sue which phrase is correct; curious on, curious with, or curious about someone. She said better if i said; i'm interested in your life. Sue warned me to be careful using impression in English.
Then we talked about relationship between man and woman. First, Sue talked about the mutual respect between man and woman in her country, UK. She said the woman is the one who make decision when to open relationship with a man. She will say 'yes' if she think that the man is serious to make a relationship with her. Usually they will go out for two or three years before they've got married. unlike in here, the word 'love' seems too easy came out from man's mouth.

Then Richard in Teacher's class open the conversation with: "What do you think about English, or British.. "(the person from UK). Almost all teacher agree that English is equal with "polite". But i have different opinions. I thought English(man) is arrogant, maybe its because i'm a history teacher who always teach my student that noble people or aristocrats is a dictator in the era of Dark Age (before industrial revolution). And England as a Kingdom rules by these noble people. Besides that, i also think that English has a unique and little bit funny culture as Enid Blyton always write in her books, "time for tea" at five o'clock.

But surprisingly, Rich told us that today's noble people is humble because they make contact with people from all classes or gentry. There are 3 gentries in England, Working Class set by number of people who work in the factory or entrepreneur, Second is Middle Class set by number of people who has a bachelor degree at least or we can called them executive like teacher and doctor, and Upper Class which set by noble people.
England originally inhabited by The Celts. Invasion of Rome in 54 BC then chased them away to the side of England which is now become Scotland (North), Wales (West) and Ireland (North-West).

Actually, said Richard, English is flatter, with no excessive expression. For that I agree. Most people might be remember Mr. Bean who represent that flatter. Unlike here, people seems to like each other by saying hello with kissing both cheeks, but we don't really know what's inside them. Are they really like us or not.

Arrogant is only my wrong impression for English. Now I think English is honest. Even though they are flatter, it's only their habit not to show what's inside their heart. They are also humble if i presume. One thing that i like the most.. They are enjoyable to talk with.

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setiap negeri memang punya keunikan budayanya sendiri ya bu.
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