Sunday, September 30, 2012


I wrote this note about two years ago. It tucked inside my note book. When I recently writing about environment, somehow this note jump out from my notebook :)
So today I try to post it here.

I'm a movie lover. Every movie that I watch take a huge influence on me. Especialy when I watched An Inconvenient Truth that Al Gore made. About that you can read here. That documentary movie awake me that the Earth is old. It captured all about degradation time to time in the Earth.

The age of Earth with scientific estimates is around 4.54 billion years old. When I think about the number of zeros that follow, I start to think the Earth beside old is also tired. couple of years ago our government signed the letter of intent with the government of Norwegia to reduce emission into 26% in the year of 2020. Emission is pollution discharged to the air by residential, commercial and industrial facilities also car engine that use fossil fuels. It means that we have to do something start from NOW.

Let's us think about something that everybody has. It's TRASH. Since babies, people produce trash. Maybe we don't wearing diapers now, but we produce more trash than babies because the older we are the more that we eat and the more we eat the more trash we produce. The Earth is getting older and, yes, someday it dies, but we could prevent the damage by 3R. REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE.

There's non renewable resources like fossil fuels that we should REDUCE. I try to reduce with using  public transportation and sometimes bike to work. Also water, whatever it is renewable but wise to start save in using it.Using shower is better than water dipper. Power plant  need gasoline to run the turbine, so save the electricity with turn off the light, the air conditiner, or the computer when it is not necessary. Lucky me I don't need the electricity lamp from 6.00 until 18.00.

Plastic bags and styrofoam container contribute the pollution because they cannot be decomposed in a very long time. we can start to reduce by REUSE bags. I always try not to forget to bring my own bag everytime I go to the market or at least I refuse using plastic bags when I still could put my groceries into my handbag. Also start to use refill pack instead of buy bottles.

We could RECYCLE by making handicraft from our refill pack, such as pencil case, bags even assoceries. The design are unique because nothing the same although the same goods. Other things is,  the goods made from fabric softener refill pack keep the fragrance for a very long time, so it smell good.

To start enviromentally friendly we start REPLACE from NOW. Replace the bottle, the plastic bags and  more important, replace the behaviour that could accelerate the Earth from destruction.

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