Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Why I Love Music

A few days ago I've got a best music player I've ever have. Music to me is a major need because all the expression in music always make my world so wonderful. Music could also help me trough every moment in my life. When I'm happy a music could make me happier, when I sad, music could bring happiness and joy so everything seems so easy.

I love all of the genre. From classic to pop, from jazz to keroncong, from RnB to Dangdut also all Indonesian traditional music especially Sundanese. This could happen because my Dad was introduce me to music since I was a baby. He was also record my first song named "borondong garing", a popular traditional song from sundanese. My Dad loves jazz. Because he loves jazz, I also love it. All jazz musician and singer i knew from him. Bob James, Sade, Phil Perry, Michael Frank etc. He also loves instrumental music, so i knew Richard Clayderman, Kenny G, Yani and Kitaro. He also loves pop, so i knew Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole (as far as i know they sing jazz too), Barry Manilow even Michael Jackson.
My Dad used to play all musical instrument including Sundanese's traditional music instrument called degung, kacapi and suling or bamboo flute. When he played kacapi or suling, people who listen will lulled (there's a traditional music which only have 2 or 3 players -kacapi indung, kacapi anak and suling- and a sinden or singer called Cianjuran. My Dad usually play once a month).

He was usually play traditional music at weddings.  Lately when the people started to like to hire organ player or karaoke, he loved to sing with his sweet voice, the voice that I could equated with Nat King Cole. Because when I heard Nat sing Autumn Leaves, his voice is similar with my Dad's! (my Dad was record his own sang Autumn Leaves).

My Dad was an entertainer in many way. He also tried to sing dangdut song because dangdut can bring Joy to people who listen to it and make people wants to dance. So I start to like dangdut since that time.
Now, when I could heard such a beautiful music from my MP3 Player which is super new and has a super sound, my mind flew to you, Dad.
I wish I could be like them...

We never question why God took my Dad so fast, or regret for what's happen. But if he still here this time, I'd like to give him this MP3 player, asked him to go to a family karaoke and sing together with me. This is maybe my only regret, I only once sing together with him. I wish I was show him how much I love his voice so maybe I could sang with him in many ocassion.
But when I heard Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole sing together in  "Unfogetable" (which recorded long after Nat passed away), I also have a dream that maybe someday I will sing together with my Dad! #although my voice is not even close to Natalie Cole... :D

Thank You, Dad, to introduced me to a wonderful thing called MUSIC.

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